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Before and After

Hairstroke brows with Becky

Amazing Brows

by Becky

This lovely client had faded microblading from a year ago that was barely visible so I added some crisp hairstrokes to give a natural finish. We were both absolutely thrilled with the result!

carolyn before and after.jpg
rose before and after.jpg

Beautiful Brows

by Becky

Beautiful natural hairstroke brows using a digital machine, 3slope needle and KB Pro pigments 

Perfect Brows

by Becky

My client wanted to even out her brows and make them look full and natural.

What a transformation!

claire before and after.jpg
before and after amanda.jpg

Fluffy Feather Brows

by Becky

My client wanted a really natural look with more definition in the arch. She wanted minimal hair removal to make it easy to keep brows tidy.

Can you see the subtle brow lift we've achieved here?

The brow colour will fade up to 50% to create an even more natural, soft appearance.

Natural hairstroke Brows

by Becky

More symmetry

More of an arch

Sharp, crisp hairstrokes which will be refined during healing time.

hairstroke brows before and after emma.jpg
before and after chris.jpg
before and after chris.jpg

Defined Hairstrokes

by Becky

A truly natural colour for my client here, to match her hair. Lovely individual hairstrokes to create a soft brow to frame her face.

hayley before and after.jpg


by Becky

Brows have been made more symmetrical and even. After image is after top up appointment, when brows are complete and beautiful

hayley before and after.jpg
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